3 Popular Restaurants in Cypress Waters

You’re a professional, and you work hard all day.  Arriving in the evening to your beautiful Cypress Waters home finds joy and relief.  But there’s still dinner to think about and you’re not in the mood to prepare and cook your evening meal.  Convenient and nearby, just blocks away from Cypress Waters, you’ll find many fantastic restaurant options to satisfy you hunger and quench your thirst!  Craving a cold beverage with a slice of pizza?  Would you rather take in that ball game with wine and a round at a great salad bar?  How about a taco, burrito, and fine Tequila?  When Cypress Waters is home, these culinary choices are so close you can take a short walk to dinner.  Cypress Waters has it all!


  1. Newk’s Eatery

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From the moment you walk into Newk’s Eatery, you are greeted immediately with a warm smile. Newk’s prides themselves with having only the best fresh-made foods and flavors in their ingredients and menu items. Newk’s Eatery has a large array of food options from signature salads to sandwiches, seasonal soups, and a variety of creamy mac & cheese dishes. And, don’t forget the pizza! Newk’s has a 600-calorie menu with options and pairings from their sandwich, salad and soup menus for those who want a lighter meal. Craving a delicious and savory dessert? Try their yummy cakes, cookies, and brownies, all baked from scratch!


  1. Gipsy Lime Taco Lounge

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Gypsy Lime is the perfect place to have many different types of tacos, rice and salad bowls that range from authentic to gourmet. Come out and bring a group of friends to their happy hour! Specials for their happy hour include appetizers, craft beers and spirits daily from 4-6pm.  Want to cheer on your football or basketball team while enjoying your favorite drinks and food?  Stop by the Gipsy Lime sports bar!  Would you rather take in the breeze and fresh air? Gipsy Lime’s inviting outdoor patio is the way to go!


  1. Pita Pit

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Pita Pit provides fresh, healthy, and tasty meals on the go! Dress up your own pita to your liking!  Choose from specific pitas on the menu, or customize your own from the many fresh ingredients!  On the go in the morning? Need a hearty and healthy quick start meal to get you going? Get your breakfast pita to go!  Hearty meat pitas are available with a variety of carnivorous delites.  But, if you prefer the vegan route, Pita Pit has a large and wholesome selection of veggie pitas too! And, remember, Pita Pit will prepare a catered tray of assorted pitas with accompaniments for your in-home party!  A dozen of your best friends, Super Bowl Sunday, and a healthy, delicious Pita Tray from Pita Pit, all in the comfort and style of your own Cypress Waters home.  Now, that’s the life!



By Sabina Payne


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