What to Expect at Next Years Easter Egg Hunt Event!

One of out events, the Easter Egg Hunt,  was a hit! It was the morning of Saturday, March 26th and the skies were blue, and the weather was just perfect! The lot was scattered with multi-color eggs ready for the picking! Over 40 kiddos lined up at 10:00AM with anticipation for the final 10 second count down. The clock ticked down second by second while everyone chants along. Finally, the last second hits and the grassy field is rushed with children as they grab as many eggs as possible. There were over 400 eggs stuffed with candy/prizes that disappeared into baskets within minutes!


I know what you’re thinking… kids get to have all the fun, right? Not this year! Shortly after the initial hunt, the adults lined up for some egg hunting action themselves! The 10 second countdown started but before the 5 second mark hit, the masses rushed for the eggs. The eggs were filled with candy and prizes like beach towel and gift card giveaways. There was fun for everyone!

If you weren’t able to make it out this year definitely plan for the next year’s Easter event, which always seems to be a hit for both the young and young-at-heart!

Written by Westley Rathbun- Director of Leasing and Writing Extraordinaire





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